Internship and Job Search

Ready to gain real-world experience? We offer resources and support for your internship or job search. Follow these steps to get started. You may also search current open positions in ePACK.

Preparing for Your Search

Follow 5 simple steps to prepare

Your goal is to present your strengths to employers — in print and in person. Below are key elements of a search to help you reach your goal and increase your confidence in the process.

  1. Talk with professionals in the Career Development Center for coaching, advice and guidance. Make an appointment on ePACK or come to 2100 Pullen Hall during drop-in hours: Monday-Friday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. *drop-in hours are available during the Fall and Spring semesters only and are subject to change.
  2. Explore ePACK, NC State’s online job posting system. See what opportunities are available that interest you. Keep your profile current and upload a new resume each semester.
  3. Conduct informational interviews with professionals, faculty, mentors, family and friends to learn about majors and occupations. This will help you understand the realities of careers. Use the Alumni feature on LinkedIn to reach out to those in professions you’re interested in, and request a 20-minute coffee chat where you ask for advice.
  4. Take advantage of opportunities to develop skills (such as leadership) through activities on and off campus.
  5. Create or update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Document all of your accomplishments. Reflect on how each experience has shaped you and your future goals.

Get Career Support

Drop-in Hours

  • 15-minute meeting — Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. *drop-in hours are available during the Fall and Spring semesters only and are subject to change.


PackPros Professional Development Series

Finding Opportunities

After you’ve completed the five steps to starting your search, you’ll gain insight into strategies for starting your internship or job search, and resources for finding ideal employment opportunities.

Use high-impact search strategies

ePACK: This online system allows you to schedule appointments with a career counselor, search and apply for internships and jobs, explore career options and schedule on-campus interviews with employers.

Career Fairs and Events: Practice your networking skills, make professional contacts and find job opportunities. We offer more than seven fairs each semester.

Future Plans Survey: Each year, the university collects information about our recent graduates. In this document, you’ll find lists of companies our graduates work for, titles of the jobs they’ve secured, salary data and more.

Browse general internship and job search websites

  •, accessible through ePACK: Search and save job listings from all job boards and company job postings. You can also find in-depth information about companies, including contact information.*
  • Search for internships and entry-level jobs, and find resources for resumes, cover letters and interviewing. The site also offers a grad school guide.
  • Search for internships and entry-level jobs by top companies, new companies, or location or industry. Industry and job seeker guides and a career blog are available.
  • Browse the world’s largest internship marketplace, with 170,000+ internship positions available at more than 100,000 companies across all 50 states. In-person and virtual internships are available.
  • Read company reviews, get sample interview questions and review average salaries by company.

*Approved by the Career Development Center. (All other websites are not verified by the Career Development Center. They are optional resources you can review at your own risk.)

Browse additional internship and job search websites

  •, for positions that help make the world a better place
  •, for technology positions
  •, for positions in unique locations across the U.S.
  •, for positions with the federal government
  •, for healthcare positions
  •, for positions in advertising, marketing, digital and social media, and public relations
  •, a creativity industry job board and portfolio-hosting website
  •, for international internships
  •, for country-specific employment information and position opportunities around the world.*

*Approved by the Career Development Center (all other websites are not verified by the Career Development Center. They are optional resources you can review at your own risk.)

Review resources for our diverse student population

  • African American
  • American Indian/Native American
  • Asian
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • International
  • GLBT
  • Veterans
  • Women

Have a career resource that would be valuable to our diverse student population? Please email the Career Development Center at with your recommendation.