Career Ambassadors

Career Ambassadors are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with other students.

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During the Spring 2016 semester, our Ambassadors presented to over 690 students at 60 different events, including residence hall programs, sorority and fraternity chapter meetings, classes, and other campus programs. Presentation topics include resume writing, career fair prep, interviewing skills, ePACK, and Career Development Center services.  Career Ambassadors also represent the office at career and information fairs around campus throughout the school year. Do you know someone who would be a good Career Ambassador? Or are interested in becoming a Career Ambassador?


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For more information on LAUNCH visit the LAUNCH Series page.  You can also find a listing of recorded presentation on the  Video Tutorial page.


Why is being an Ambassador is so special? Hear stories from some of our Ambassador Alumni.

2017 - 18 Career Ambassadors

Adam Pecoraro

My name is Adam Pecoraro and I am a sophomore studying Biological Sciences with a concentration in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. My first year at NC State brought me many incredible things, and one of them was undoubtedly the Career Ambassador Program. By giving presentations to students about workforce related components, I hope to provide meaningful information to other students that will be used to facilitate future employment and accomplish personal goals.
Biological Sciences

Andrea Veiga Rincon

My name is Andrea Veiga and I’m a sophomore majoring in Economics with a minor in Business Finance. This will be my first semester as a Career Ambassador and I’m really excited to get to know all the resources that the program offers to become a better professional.

Brian Gentry

My name is Brian Gentry and I’m a senior majoring in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. I joined the Career Ambassador program in the fall of 2016 because I wanted to improve my interviewing and career readiness skills. My favorite part of the program is the sense of community and the support from the staff of the Career Development Center. I’ve learned so much from my fellow presenters and I’m excited to continue to contribute to the program for my last year at NC State.
Chemcial and Biomedical Engineering

Cassie Alphin

Hello, my name is Cassie Alphin and I am sophomore in the English-Creative Writing program. This will be my first semester as a Career Ambassador and I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful program! I am looking forward to helping my fellow students develop professional skills that will help them with their career aspirations!
English-Creative Writing

Cecily Sonner

Hi my name is Cecily and I am a Junior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I love getting to meet new people and help them learn about career topics. My favorite topic to present is LinkedIn because I feel that it is a necessary tool that every professional and student should take advantage of. Being a Career Ambassador has taught me so much about myself and the professional world around me, and I am truly grateful for the program.
Business Management (Marketing)

Christie Norton

My name is Christie Norton, and I am a junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have been a Career Ambassador for a year, and I love that the program allows me to help peers one-on-one. I love telling others about all that the CDC has to offer!
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Darian Boyd

Hey! I’m Darian Boyd, and I’m a junior in Textile Technology. I came into the CDC for a resume critique a little over a year ago, and the staff there has been stuck with me ever since. What I enjoy most about being a Career Ambassador is the steady growth that I’ve been able to witness in my peers and in myself as a leader, a teammate, and a professional. I’m excited to continue this development this year through the LAUNCH programs and all that the CDC has to offer (especially those mock interviews)!
Textile Technologies

Drew Delbridge

My name is Drew Delbridge and I am a sophomore in Human Biology. This will be my first semester as a Career Ambassador and I am very blessed to be a part of a dedicated and passionate program at NCSU. I love basically any outdoor activity and cannot wait to help encourage and teach fellow students applicable skills to use beyond college.
Biological Sciences

Elizabeth Shin

My name is Elizabeth Shin, and I am a freshman in Food Science with a concentration
in Science. I am new to the program this semester and I look forward to taking the information that I learn and using them in my life. I am also eager to meet new people, develop confidence in public speaking and most importantly, having fun! I cannot wait to see what this program has to offer!
Food Science

Emily Fomin

привет, or hello! My name is Emily Fomin and I am a sophomore in Biomedical Engineering. I am a brand new Career Ambassador and I am eager to dive into the program and help both myself and others sculpt professional skills. I introduced myself in my first language, Russian, in order to help provide a little bit of a cultural background as well as show the value I have for my family and its roots. Fun fact about myself: I have a slight addiction to Russian tea and drink at least a few cups a day!
Biomedical Engineering

Emma Moore

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Moore and I am a junior double majoring in Industrial Engineering and English Language, Writing, and Rhetoric. That’s always the facet of my introduction that people comment on the most, but I love both disciplines and I just couldn’t choose! I’ve been a Career Ambassador for two years now…it can’t have already been that long! There are so many reasons to stay in this program but the top ones are definitely the friendships I’ve made and the professional development skills I’ve learned, both so that I could better myself and so that I can educate my peers on them. I’ve learned so much from everyone I’ve met through this program and I can’t wait to keep growing and keep sharing
Industrial Engineering

Joshua Hant

My name if Josh Hant, and I am a junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My favorite presentation topic is Career Fairs because of the experiences I had as a freshman going into career fairs blindly. After a year of being a Career Ambassador, I have become much more confident with public speaking and approaching employment opportunities. On top of all the skills I have gained, the people I have met through the program are the reason I enjoy being a part of it.
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kelly Crabtree

My name is Kelly Crabtree, and I am a junior studying English with a minor in Spanish. I am excited for my third semester in the CA program because I get to meet so many cool people through the presentations. My time as a Career Ambassador has been invaluable!
English (Language
and Rhetoric)

Lexi Bynum

I am Alexsiara “Lexi” Bynum. I am a junior majoring in Statistics with minors in Spanish and Agricultural Business Management. The thing that excites me most about becoming a Career Ambassador is being able to bring clarity to the job-seeking process for my peers and myself through the professional development of skills we already possess and strengthening those we do not.

Logan Tucciarone

My name is Logan Tucciarone, I am a Senior in Accounting with a concentration in Finance. This is my first year as a Career Ambassador and I am very excited and blessed to have this opportunity to work alongside the best NC State has to offer! I wanted to join this program to improve myself and give back to my peers and school, both of which I will always be grateful for. Go Pack!

Makayla Miller

I am Makayla Miller. I am a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and International Studies. This will be my second semester as a Career Ambassador. I have loved giving presentations on the ins and outs of career preparation, because it helps my fellow students and teaches me new career tips and skills.
Business Administration and International Studies

Maggie Avis

My name is Maggie Avis and I am a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and thinking about pursuing a minor in Economics. I am currently a lifeguard this summer working at two different pools, and spending way too much money on sunscreen. I have been a Career Ambassador for over a semester and I enjoy the program because through it I have learned important information on how to further my college career, such as making connections, building relationships, preparing for future jobs, and presenting myself as a professional. I am excited to keep gaining experience and improving my skills so I can continue to teach others on how to be a professional.

Megan Angevine

My name is Megan Angevine and I am a junior double-majoring in Economics and International Relations. I have been a Career Ambassador since my freshman year! To me, this program is a great way to incorporate my passions and interpersonal communication skills while helping me gain knowledge and experience. Easily the most gratifying part of being a CA is the way this program serves as an outlet to pass on the knowledge it has given you to other students just like you.
International Relations and Economics

Michael Simon

My name is Michael Simon, a junior majoring in political science. My future endeavors include attending law school. I am a new Career Ambassador and I am excited about this opportunity and new relationships. I have been working hard to diversity my resume with various jobs. My interests include professional and college sports and I am a huge foodie.
Political Science

Musaab Alamoudi

Hey there! I’m Musaab Alamoudi, a passionate learner and industrial engineer and an avid gamer who also happens to be someone who really truly cares about audio and music. If you see me passing by, feel free to stop me to find out how awesome this program is. It might not be the most prestigious, but it certainly breeds successful, confidant, and influential leaders.
Industrial Engineering

Neal Hairston

Hey everyone! The name is Neal Hairston IV. I’m a Senior in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. I’ve been a career ambassador for two years and counting, and I must say it’s been amazing. The program has helped me hone my presentation skills, gain a sense of family and community with my fellow ambassadors and the Career Development Center, and allowed me to help so many of my fellow students in this journey we call college.

Savannah Russell

I’m Savannah Russell a Sophomore in Communication Media. This is my second semester as a Career Ambassador and this program has introduced me to so many new friends and mentors who are always there to help. I really enjoy helping my peers at NC State work on their resumes or helping them prepare for an interview with a mock interview.
Communication Media

Sophie Bean

My name is Sophie Bean and I am a junior in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration. This is my first year as a Career Ambassador and I am so excited to join this program where I can encourage my friends and classmates to build confidence in professional settings. I look forward to presenting topics that will support students as they navigate the path towards future goals.
Political Science

Taylor Murphy

Hi! My name is Taylor Murphy. I am a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This will be my first semester working as a Career Ambassador and I am very excited to soak up all the knowledge that this program has to offer with the privilege of being able to pass it on to my peers. My goal is to make NC State a place where students come to gain an education and a knowledge of how to better present themselves in the professional world. I also plan on using this experience to aid me in gaining a graduate degree in Marine Engineering where I hope to help shape naval craft into safer, more efficient vehicles.
Mechanical Engineering

Role of Career Ambassadors

  • Present programs in residence halls, as well as clubs & organizations
  • Facilitate Professional LAUNCH Series Workshops
  • Represent the Career Development Center at events and career fairs
  • Train students on using ePACK


Contact Alex Ricciuti, Career Ambassador Coordinator