Career Ambassadors

Our Career Ambassadors Program is an integral part of the services we provide in the Career Development Center. Career Ambassadors play a vital role in educating and serving their peers across campus by providing workshops for groups ranging from 5 to 200+ students. 

In 2018-2019, the Career Ambassadors interacted with 3960 students at hundreds of campus events from classes, workshops and club presentations.

Presentation topics include resume writing, career fair prep, interviewing skills, ePACK, and Career Development Center services.  Career Ambassadors also represent the office at career and information fairs around campus throughout the school year.

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Role of Career Ambassadors

  • Present programs in residence halls, as well as clubs & organizations
  • Facilitate Professional PackPros Series Workshops
  • Represent the Career Development Center at events and career fairs
  • Train students on using ePACK

Do you know someone who would be a good Career Ambassador? Or are interested in becoming a Career Ambassador?

Why is being a Career Ambassador is so special? Hear stories from some of our Career Ambassador Alumni.

2019-2020 Career Ambassadors

Cassie Alphin

Hello! My name is Cassie Alphin and I am a junior this year in the Poole College of Management studying Business Administration. I am just returning from doing a Disney College Program and I look forward to bringing my new experiences to my second year as a Career Ambassador! Being a Career Ambassador has taught me a lot about the professional world and developed my career readiness skills, and now I am looking forward to passing along that knowledge to my fellow students!
Business Administration, Junior

Maggie Avis

Margaret is a Math major with an Economics minor, graduating in the fall of 2019. She is an avid hiker, who recently started backpacking, is currently learning how to play the ukulele, and one of her favorite countries she has visited is Scotland.
Mathematics, Senior

Kathryn Barnes

Hi, everyone! My name is Kathryn Barnes and I am a senior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering at NC State. During my first three years here, I have had many experiences: once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and life lessons. Through being a Career Ambassador, I hope to share my experiences to help other people on their journey to be a successful student at NC State. Let’s have a great year and go Pack!
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Senior

Kristen Blake

Hi! My name is Kristen Blake and I am a Junior in the Biological Sciences BA program with concentrations in Zoology and Anthropology and a minor in Applied Ecology. This is my first year as a Career Ambassador and I am looking forward to developing my professional abilities while helping others do the same. ,Biological Sciences BA with concentrations in Zoology and Anthropology, Junior

Alexander Blanton

I’m Alex Blanton, a sophomore in Poltical Science. This will be my first year as a Career Ambassador and I am so excited to be apart of the program. I am especially looking forward to engage my peers, students of NC State, and myself in the skills necessary to succeed after college.
Political Science, Second Year

Will Burns

Hey everyone! My name is Will Burns and I am a senior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. This will be my second full year as a CA and unfortunately it’ll be my last. Being a CA has had such an unbelievably positive impact on my life, from forming meaningful relationships with my fellow CAs to the plethora of opportunities to help my peers gain the confidence they need to enter the professional working world, the CA program is truly a wonderful group. I’m excited to continue empowering my peers in creative and engaging ways. Go pack!!
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Senior

Margot Clyburn

Bonjour! My name is Margot Clyburn and I’m a senior in Biological and Agricultural Engineering pursuing a minor in French. I attended the LAUNCH series and felt more informed about topics I was curious about and decided to join the Career Ambassador team to help promote all the resources we offer! I joined to become a friendly face to talk to and improve my public speaking skills. Outside of class I enjoy biking and reading fantasy novels.,Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Senior

John Fang

My name is John Fang and I am a senior in Animal Science. This will be my third semester as a Career Ambassador and I am thrilled to be part of this program where I can further develop my public speaking and leadership ability while helping students navigate closer to their professional goals.,Animal Science, Senior

Emily Fomin

My name is Emily Fomin and I am a senior majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in psychology. This is my fifth semester as a Career Ambassador and it has been one of my favorite programs. As a student, I have done biomedical research in chemotaxis and protein analysis for Alzheimer’s disease. In the future, I hope to conduct biomedical research within the field of abnormal psychology. In my free time, I enjoy playing music, being outside, and traveling. Fun fact: I have been to 16 countries!
Biomedical Engineering, Senior

Ciara Jones

My name is Ciara Jones and I am a fourth-year junior. In college, I have taken on a minor in Business Administration, traveled to China and Africa with NC State’s Study Abroad program, and Co-Oped at an engineering firm. I am also heavily involved in the Goodnight Scholars Program, and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and Rise Against Hunger. My hobbies include reading, solving the Rubix cube (I know I’m 10 years too late), playing board games, and last but not least, watching HGTV.
Aerospace Engineering, Junior,

Jillian Lewis

My name is Jillian Lewis and I am a Junior studying Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a Minor in Journalism. This is my third semester as a Career Ambassador, and my favorite thing about being involved in this program is the lifelong friendships and professional skills developed with each new semester. In my free time I like hiking, traveling and jumping off cliffs at Eno Quarry (check it out).
Business Administration, Junior,

Joe McConnell

Hello everybody! My name is Joe McConnell and I am a Junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. The upcoming semester will be my third semester as a Career Ambassador. I am anxious to work on teams with students from other career paths, excited to delve into the different workshops of the program, and make a positive impact on your Career Development.
Industrial and Systems Engineer , Junior,

Adam Pecoraro

Hello! My name is Adam Pecoraro and I am a Senior studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My time at NC State has brought me many incredible things, and one of them is undoubtedly the Career Ambassador Program. Since joining the program in 2017, I have learned so much about not only the career goals of the students that I have worked with, but also about professional development as a whole.
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Senior

Sade Proctor

Hey! I am Sade Proctor, a sophomore here at State who is planning to major in Political Science. This is my first year as a Career Ambassador, and I am so excited to be able to gain knowledge and skills that will help me in the world of professionalism, and to be able to assist others in this aspect as well. I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey.
English , Second Year

Britney Paul Rajamanickam

My name is Britney Paul and I am a sophomore majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Music Performance. This is my first semester as a Career Ambassador and I am excited to get to know everyone in the program! I am also eager to share the valuable information that I learn through being a Carrer Ambassador to help my peers be more prepared and competitive applicants in their future endeavors. Human Biology, Second Year

Gabby Ramchandani

My name is Gabby Ramchandani and I am a senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and am minoring in Political Science. This is my second semester as a Career Ambassador and I am so excited to meet everyone and learn more about the Career Development Center, and share what I learn with other students throughout the semester Marketing
Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, Senior

Kyndra Reed

Hi everyone! My name is Kyndra Reed, and I am a Junior in Neurobiology and Integrated Physiology with a minor in Biotechnology. This will be my third semester as a Career Ambassador, and I have not only seen myself grow as a professional, but also many of my peers from the workshops. I hope to help students feel more confident and prepared in accomplishing their goals.
Neurobiology and Integrated Physiology, Senior

Savannah Russell

I am Savannah Russell and I am a senior double majoring in Communication and Political Science, with the intention of going into the broadcasting and political communication fields. This will be my 6th semester being a CA and have sense also become a teaching assistant for a career development class because I have loved my work as a CA so much! I love getting to help my peers at NC State develop their professional development skills.
Communication – Media and Political Science, Senior

Rani Shah

Hi! My name is Rani Shah and I am a sophomore majoring in Genetics and minoring in Biotechnology. This is my first semester as a Career Ambassador, and I am looking forward to getting involved with the campus and sharing ideas in order to grow. I can’t wait to work with other students in order to edu
cate, explore, and build relationships all throughout the workshops. Outside of school, I love to run, cook, and really anything to do with the outdoors!! Overall, I know that we all will learn so much in order to become strong public speakers and leaders, all while creating experiences in order to push us forward.
Genetics, Second Year

Elizabeth Shin

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Shin and I am a junior in Food Science. I have been a Career Ambassador since my first year at NC State and I love how the program has developed me in becoming a dependable team player, leader, and professional. As a Korean-American, I bring my cultural background to this diverse team and as a fun fact, I am part of a dance group at NC State, called KPACK. I am very honored to be in this program and always eager to learn more and most importantly, have fun!
Food Science, Junior,

Haley Teeples

I am a senior here at NC State pursuing a major in Communication Media and a minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. In my free time, I love catching up with friends and taking time to relax. Currently, I am an intern to the Assistant to the Chancellor for Communication at State and work on the correspondence of Chancellor Woodson. For my future career plans, I hope to have a communication marketing role for a company where I can fulfill my passions to work with people and market to them.
Communications Media, Senior

Andrea Veiga

I am originally from Venezuela and moved to the United States for college three years ago. I have always been very driven and optimistic, since I am convinced there is good in everything. Through my time at NC State, I have come across many meaningful experiences and people, and Career Ambassadors has been one of the most important programs I have gotten the opportunity to be involved with because of how much I have grown here with the help of some wonderful people. I hope in the future to become a consultant or a data analyst, and I am sure my experience here will be a great factor at the time of achieving this goal.
Economics (BS) minoring in Statistics with an Honors Program on Data Analytics, Senior

Elizabeth Williams

My name is Elizabeth and I’m 19! I’m a very open hearted person and love helping others. I’m from Greenville NC and hope to one day become a federal defense attorney for the US federal court system. My hobbies include going to the gym, reading, writing and listening to music.
English and History, Second Year

Haohao Yu

My name is Haohao Yu. I’m a junior studying in Statistics and Japanese with a minor in Mathematics. I could speak Chinese and English. This is my first semester as Career Ambassador and I cannot wait to learn all the skills to help other students! ,Statistics; Foreign Language and Literature- Asian concentration, Junior<a


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