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Career Courses and Podcast

Many students seek the structure of a course to help with career planning and decision-making. These career courses are open to all majors at NC State.

USC 202: Career Exploration and Development

Fall and spring (2 credit hours)
Students who enroll will be given the opportunity to assess their personal strengths, values, skills, and personality;  examine how these assessments inform a major decision and/or impact career decision-making; determine how to best prepare themselves to navigate current workforce conditions and trends.  Students will develop professional networks and skills that transfer into any college/major/career.

USC 401: Transitions for the College Graduate

Fall and spring (3 credit hours)
Focus on the unique transitions the student will face upon leaving college.  Students will have the opportunity to explore several aspects of their post-baccalaureate lives in coping with emerging careers, money management, extracurriculars, retirement, transitional issues, civic engagement, and continuing education.  Explorations of these areas include an emphasis on developing and refining interviewing skills, professional and personal networks, financial endeavors, and job application and selection.

HON 398: Women in the Workforce

Spring (1 credit hour)
This course will bring in various voices to explore strategies that successful women have used to advance their careers. Women get paid less than men to do the same job. Learning to advocate for your worth is essential. Women face unique challenges related to integrating work and personal life into a formula that allows them to juggle all of the balls in the air without dropping any. Students will complete a Work Life Integration Assessment and find out how to best utilize their unique type for a life of success. They will determine their scores for Integrator, Separator, Cycler, Work First or Personal First. Working remotely has magnified the importance of understanding values and aligning actions accordingly at all stages of a professional career. Students will learn a new vocabulary necessary to seek out meaningful careers that align with their vision and goals. The assessment tool challenges students to reflect on their professional and personal needs in tandem through exposure to common dilemmas at all stages of their lives. This course will explore additional issues that marginalized groups face as they transition to the professional world.

Pack Career Chats Podcast