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What to Wear

Choosing appropriate attire allows you to feel comfortable in your interactions and confident that you are making a positive first impression.

Professional Attire

Men: Dark suit for conservative employers, khakis and dark jacket work well for others. Conservative shirt and tie. Dark socks to match slacks. Dark shoes, polished.

Women: Dark suit (slacks or skirt) with conservative blouse or a dress. Dark shoes, natural color stockings with dress or skirt, dark socks to match slacks. Low to medium heel shoes, polished. Conservative jewelry.

Business Casual

Business casual is one notch down from traditional interviewing attire and is acceptable for interns and co-ops and graduating students attending information sessions, receptions, and social events hosted by employers.

Men: (1) Slacks with coordinating (not matching) jacket with or without tie. (2) Slacks, shirt and tie (no jacket).

Women: Dark slacks or skirt with tailored shirt, blouse.

Need Professional Attire?

Check out The Wolfpack Styled Professional Clothing Closet located in the Career Development Center. The closet provides students with professional clothing needed for an interview, a career fair, a conference or for the first week of work for FREE!