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Steps to Co-op

  1. Attend an information session.
  2. Submit a completed co-op application to the Career Development Center, located at 2100 Pullen Hall. (located at the corner of Dan Allen and Thurman Dr) Paid parking is available in the Dan Allen deck.
  3. Make an appointment to meet with a co-op coordinator. The first meeting will allow your co-op coordinator to get to know you, review your resume and further discuss co-op and your career goals.
  4. Add your resume in ePACK. Complete this step before meeting with your co-op coordinator.
  5. Apply for co-op opportunities in ePACK, only available to co-op applicants.
  6. Attend co-op events, exclusive to only co-op applicants and co-op employers.

Decide on an Offer

Once you receive a job offer – or more than one – you’ll want to discuss it with your co-op coordinator before making a decision. It’s your decision to accept any position you’ve been offered, but your coordinator can offer plenty of insight and a different perspective to help you make the right call.

Once you decide to accept an offer – even verbally – you must withdraw from all consideration for other Co-op positions. An accepted offer is a contractual agreement that must be honored for you to remain in the Co-op program.