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Employers interested in hosting an intern for Summer 2024 should complete the Employer Interest Form
Students interested in applying for a Summer 2024 internship can view opportunities on the “Featured Internships” page or search “Rural Works!” in keywords in ePack to apply. Jobs can be posted as early as November.

Students must apply to internships through ePACK. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis so students are encouraged to apply early.

The College of Engineering Summer Internship Participation Stipend award is provided to cover a 12-week internship experience over the summer for engineering students. The exact award amount may vary depending on the hourly rate paid by the employer (employers must pay a minimum of $15 per hour) but will ensure the intern’s total compensation is equivalent to approximately $25 per hour. The College of Engineering Summer Internship Participation Stipend award will not pay stipends above wages of $25. If the internship is less than 12 weeks the stipend will be adjusted/prorated in the last payment however the internship must be a minimum of 10 weeks. The stipend will not be increased for internships for longer than 12 weeks. Learn more about eligibility for the participation stipend award here.

Employers will review potential candidate’s applications, conduct interviews, and extend an offer to the applicant that best fits their needs.  Employers should review the Hiring Process Information.

To maximize the benefits to students and employers, internships are expected to be 10 -12 full (40-hour) workweeks. In rare cases, there may be exceptions at the discretion of the Rural Works! coordinator and the employers. Specific start and end dates will vary based on the employer but the work will typically occur between May and August.

It is the responsibility of the student to secure housing. The Rural Works! coordinator and internship supervisor Sam Sanger – can assist the student to find housing if needed.

Student participants must attend the Rural Works! orientation in April 2024. Orientation will include information about the Rural Works! program, professional development, and career coaching opportunities.

In addition to the specific on-the-job expectations of employers, each student must attend an orientation training, complete eight hours of service or engagement in the community, and must agree to complete a post-internship survey. Students are also responsible for securing their own housing arrangements.

Each employer will submit a job description outlining the expected tasks and duties of the internship, as well as their overall goals for the internship, specific subject matter, and technical skills required. During the course of the internship, employers must agree to provide each student a minimum of eight hours of compensated time to conduct or participate in a community engagement activity outside of their job to deepen their understanding of the community. Employers must also agree to provide the intern with interim and post-internship feedback and participate in an evaluation of the program.

The Rural Works! coordinator will be available to provide support to the student throughout the internship experience.