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You may think of college as a place to get a degree, not develop a career. But students who start their career planning early are more likely to find fulfilling work after graduation. That’s because finding the career takes time.

Every step is a building block. Identifying your passions and interests helps you pick the right major. Choosing a major connects you with the right faculty and mentors, which leads to internships, research opportunities or co-ops in your field. At the Career Development Center, we guide students through this process from the very beginning — orientation — and stay with them until one year after graduation.

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Not sure what you want to do with your life? Need help preparing for your job search? The Career Development Center can help you create a plan and successfully navigate your career path through career fairs, mock interviews, resume critiques and other resources.

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Career Action Plan

Career development begins well before you graduate. Getting started in your first year — and taking important steps every year after that — will help you stay ahead of the curve. Learn more

Career Courses and Podcast

Open to students of all majors, our career courses provide a structured approach to career planning and decision-making. Learn more

Career Assessments

A career assessment can’t tell you what career to pursue — but it can help you better understand how your goals and strengths fit into a future career. Learn more

Career Identity Program

The Career Identity Program is a way to learn about your values, interests, and personality — and how they can lead you to a job you love. Learn more