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Students Moving Forward

The NC State University Career Development Center values the career development of every student. Students Moving Forward (SMF) is an independent career-focused program created by two NC State University staff members, and specifically designed for NC State students who identify as “autistic, ‘having’ Asperger’s, and/or being on the autism spectrum.” Each fall and spring semester, we engage our students in career readiness competencies and connect them with employers who value neurodiversity. Students do not need to have an official diagnosis of autism to join and may take part on an as-needed basis.

What We Do

The mission of SMF is to:

  1. Provide evidenced-based career guidance for students who are autistic/on the autism spectrum.
  2. Cultivate belongingness and a sense of community for students while strengthening their social and professional capital.
  3. Increase the rate of our students earning and successfully navigating degree-related (paid) internships and full-time post-graduate opportunities.

Our Meetings

During the fall and spring semesters, students participate in a total of 10 group meetings (five per semester). Each meeting focuses on a specific topic and frequently hosts guest speakers from various industries and organizations actively supporting neurodiversity.

Students are also connected with the SMF Professional Advisory Board, a collaborative of local professionals who all identify as autistic and work in a wide range of professions including biotechnology, executive leadership, engineering, law, finance, social science research, and more.

SMF is a free program for all NC State University students and recent alumni.