The Career Development Center prepares and empowers students to identify and pursue their career goals.

Rise and shine, Wolfpack! We look forward to welcoming new students to the pack, as virtual new student orientation begins this week. 🐺❤⁣

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Ep. 106. With the second episode of this month’s CareerCon takeover, we have CareerCon Creative, hosted by Courtney Mulveney, Career Identity Coach for the NC State Career Development Center. She is joined by five self-starters who established a successful career by being creative and putting in a lot of effort. In this podcast, listen as they talk all things to know when starting a career, the importance of good interview practices and LinkedIn, and most of all, how to make a creative career easy on you. ⁣

Lucy Wellmaker - Life coach and Author⁣
Tiffany Waddell Tate - Career Coach⁣
Chris Kelly - Consultant ⁣
Stacy Connell - Wellbeing Consultant⁣
Trudy Steinfield - Strategic Advisor⁣

Podcast Editor: Sade Proctor ⁣

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Winston loves a good summer read. What's on your reading list this summer? ⁣

Want a copy of "Get Hired Now!" by Ian Siegel? Stop by 2100 Pullen Hall to get a FREE copy. Limited quantities are available. ⁣

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Your career starts the minute you join the Pack. The Career Development Center is here to help. Don't wait, get started today! We are open during the summer term.⁣

👋 Say hello - make an appointment in ePACK or call our office to meet with a career counselor. We'll help you find your path to success. ⁣

💻 Take a career assessment - NC State students have access to Focus2 - learn how your values, interests, competencies, and personality fit into the NC State majors and your future career. ⁣

🐾 Complete the Career Goal Statement Activity - choosing a career path is one of the big challenges in adulthood. We offer many services to support you as you identify your goals. ⁣

🔗 See link in bio for details. ⁣

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Ep. 105. Did you miss out on CareerCON last semester? Well, you’re in luck as today, and for the rest of June, you will be able to listen and hear advice from all of the amazing guests of this year’s CareerCON. In this episode, we have a Hiring Management Panel of Talent Acquisition Experts, interviewed by Marcy Bullock, Director of Professional Development. Listen as they detail their story on how they made it into their positions and answer questions about the ins and outs of the corporate world! ⁣

Featured Employer Panelists⁣
Sarah Krepp, Istari Oncology ⁣
Catherine Cassidy, Eaton Corporation ⁣
Darlene Godsey, Q2 Solutions⁣
Jenny Hofler, Metlife⁣
Laura McAtee, Workplace Options⁣
Bob Miles, RTI International ⁣

Helpful Resources ⁣
ePACK/Going Global (on the right side of ePACK “jump to”) -⁣

NACE's Career Competencies - ⁣

Podcast Editor: Sade Proctor⁣

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"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"⁣

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We remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in their service to our country and their families. #MemorialDay ...

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Ep. 104. Are you Career Ready? What you can do before you graduate to say, "I am ready!". ⁣

The eight career competencies defined by NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, has recently been updated to reflect the competencies immensely important for Career Readiness. The competencies are Career and Self Development, Leadership, Communication, Critical Thinking, Equity and Inclusion, Professionalism, Teamwork, and Technology. In this episode, Marcy Bullock, Director of Professional Development, explores these competencies and explains activities on campus that allow you to develop each one. Get involved in Career Ambassadors, Teaching Assistants, On-campus research, internships, and more! ⁣

Check out how to get involved in these activities at the links below! ⁣

Podcast Editor: Sade Proctor⁣

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Walk this way.⁣

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Caffeinated, dressed, and zoom ready! Winston is ready for staff retreat.⁣

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@ncstatedasa announces @sadeproctor, the newest recipient of the Howling Success Award! ⁣

Howling Success: Sade Proctor⁣

Congratulations to our newest Howling Success, Sade Proctor! 🐺🏆⁣

Sade is highly involved in @ncstatecareerdevelopment as a Career Ambassador, a teaching assistant for the Career Explorations course and the editor of the Wolfpack Career Chats podcast. Use our link in bio to read more about the challenges she has overcome and her amazing work to help other students discover their career aspirations!⁣

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Ep. 103 “Get something on your Resume that you don’t have today,” said Marshae Mansfield as she expressed her advice on what to do when looking for your next job. Marshae is a Vice President and Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at Lenovo North America, as well as a Wolfpack Alum. From majoring in Communications with a concentration in Theater to leading 800 people in Corporate America, Marshae knows firsthand the difficulties of launching a successful career. In this episode, she talks about the importance of gaining many experiences, how her background has transferred into her role now, the challenges she faced in a male-dominated industry, and more. Listen and learn from Marshae on how to adapt to a new work style and effectively set work-life boundaries.⁣

Podcast Editor: Sade Proctor⁣

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Wolfies up for the weekend! Who's with us? 🐺❤ ...

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Ep. 102 When Diana Joseph checked all of the boxes to enter dental school, she couldn’t fathom that she would be rejected. Becoming a dentist had been Plan A since Diana could remember, and being waitlisted and afterwards rejected threw an enormous wrench into her plans. Facing uncertainty and doubt in her career path, Diana had to learn how to push through rejection, stay positive, and trust the process as she discovered her new direction. Using her resources, strengths, and connections, Diana decided to transition into Medical Sales which led her to working for Stryker and finding what she loves. Check out this episode to hear how she made these decisions, used Gallup Strengths to determine her values, and adapted her lifestyle to achieve career success. ⁣

Complete the Gallup Strengths Assessment for free at: ⁣

Podcast Editor: Sade Proctor ⁣

See link in bio to listen to the full episode.⁣

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Winston wants the Pack to know that the Career Development Center is open during the summer. In addition, there are a number of ways to stay connected with us...⁣

💻 Schedule a virtual appointment with your career counselor⁣
🔍Search and apply for co-ops, internships and jobs in ePACK⁣
🔗 Join our LinkedIn group⁣
🎧 Listen to the Pack Careers Podcast⁣
▶️ Subscribe and watch our career videos on our YouTube channel⁣


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Hello summer ☀️


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Today is a perfect day to make your LinkedIn account if you have not already! #WinstonWuf is surfing the new Career Center LinkedIn group page with all the helpful tips, tricks and updates 🐺🎓🧑‍💼#PackCareers ...

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Good news for our seniors and recent grads! ⁣⁣
Dr. Kelly Laraway, Director of Employer Relations for the NC State Career Development Center, and Courtney King, a graduating co-op student, were featured in this recent segment on ABC 11 News.

See link in bio.⁣
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Taking a study break… hope your exams are going well 🐺👍📚 #WinstonWufWednesday #PackCareers ...

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  • Howling Success: Sade Proctor Making Career Moves

    May 25, 2021

    The Division of Academic and Student Affairs’ latest Howling Success Award recipient is a Career Ambassador, a teaching assistant for the Career Explorations course and the editor of the Wolfpack Career Chats podcast.

  • Graduating Seniors May Have More Job Options as Pandemic Eases

    May 7, 2021

    Kelly Laraway, director of employer relations for NC State's Career Development Center, and Courtney King, a graduating co-op student, were featured in a news segment on WTVD 11 News.

  • Protectors of the Pack

    March 29, 2021

    More than 220 students have volunteered to assist with NC State’s robust COVID-19 testing and surveillance program this spring. Hear from a few of them about how they’ve stepped up to Protect the Pack.