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Rani Shah

Hi! My name is Rani Shah and I’m a junior majoring in Genetics! I’m a Career Ambassador (CA) for the Career Development Center for about three semesters now, and love every minute of it! I’m all about sports, from basketball to baseball to football. Pro sports has always been my favorite, but college sports (especially with being a Wolfpack) is a very solid second! On campus I work in the biochemistry lab and am a pharmacy technician at the NCSU’s Vet Hospital. Bringing it back to the CA program, CA has helped me find more about myself both professionally and personally through public speaking and meeting/learning about so many different people. It is more than just an ambassadorship, it truly is a family that allows you to flourish in all areas of life, like helping build your own and someone else’s career through new opportunities.

Work Experience: A lot of my work experience and internships have been in medical related practices or fields. I have interned for physical therapy practices to oversee the diagnosis process and recovery process of babies building up strength to stand to the elderly folks talking about everything through heat therapy for their back. My internship currently/work as a pharmacy technician is amazing because I get to see the retail side of things by filling out fast and slow mover medications, see the compounding/building of the specific medications, and of course the best part is to see the animals come out of surgery and have the doctors bring them into the pharmacy to say hi! Once we saw a 55 lb pug come in and he was too big to walk, so they put him on a cart after his surgery and strolled him right in to meet us!

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