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Career Ambassador and Design Student Leaves Her Mark on the Career Development Center

Mia and Mr. Wuf admiring her gorgeous mural!

A new, multi-dimensional mural is on display at NC State‚Äôs Career Development Center! Mia Biehler, a senior in the College of Design and a Career Ambassador for the Career Development Center, designed and painted the exciting new artwork over the summer. When cultivating her vision for the mural, she incorporated the experiences of students she met whose lives had changed as a result of attending NC State.

Here’s what our staff at the Career Development Center said about Mia and her beautiful artwork:

“It was a privilege to be able to observe Mia creating the mural. Mia’s attention to detail and creativity was encouraging to observe throughout the summer. I admire it and appreciate it having observed her dedication to the work she created. Mia, thank you for your inspiration.”

“I am so appreciative that you took your time to craft such an amazingly beautiful and powerful work of art. Watching your process has been such an inspiration to me! Thank you for your incredibly work, Mia!”

I am just so excited that I get to see this every day. It is such an amazing piece and I so enjoyed watching it come together over the summer. I love the stories of each of the people. It gives the art so much more depth. Thank you Mia for all of your hard work!”

“This piece is a true work of art. It shows how expressive and idealistic our students are – and how diverse our student experiences can be. BLOWN AWAY really!”

“Your art piece is a very meaningful addition to our office. It is very pretty and creative. It also does a great job representing NC State and students’ journeys through college and into their careers. Thank you for putting your talent, heart, and time and energy into the piece. I am glad students and employers will get to enjoy your creation and be encouraged by it for many years to come.