Our Team

Executive Director

Arnold Bell, PhD

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Student Services Team

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D.R. Ingram

Associate Director

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D.R. Ingram serves students in the College of Natural Resources, College of Education and the College of Engineering (Chemical, Industrial).


Glenda Darrell

Career Counselor

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Glenda Darrell serves the students in the College of Engineering.


Wes Wade

Career Counselor Contact info

Wes Wade serves students in the College of Sciences.


Marcy Bullock

Director, Professional Development Contact info

Marcy Bullock teaches the USC 202 and 401 career classes and oversees professional development including the Career Ambassador Program.


Ray Easterlin

Associate Director for Pre-Professional Advising Contact info

Ray serves students interested in the Health Professions and Pre-Law.


Dr. Lori Ghosal

Career Identity Coach Contact info

Lori serves first-year students in the College of Engineering.


Courtney G. Jones

Career Identity Coach Contact info

Courtney serves first-year students in the College of Humanities and Social Science.


Sarah Wild

Career Counselor Contact info

Sarah serves students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Co-op Program Team

Students interested in co-op should attend an information session first!

Pam Floryanzia

Associate Director  Contact info

Ms. Floryanzia serves as the Associate Director for the Co-op Program.



Heather Dellinger

Co-op Coordinator Contact info

Heather serves co-op students on F1 Visas through Curricular Practical Training.

Employer Relations Team

Kelly Laraway, Ed.D.

Director Contact info



Cara Doyle, M.Ed.

Assistant Director and Communications Manager Contact info



Bridget Hartsfield

Recruiting Manager Contact info



Eddie Lovett

Database and Communications Analyst Contact info



Administrative Team

Ebony Peterson

Business Operations Manager Contact info



Campus Career Partners

Academic Advising Programs & Services Advising resource for exploring/changing majors University College Commons, 919.515.8130
Alumni Career Services Serving NC State alumni 2 years + from graduation Park Alumni Center, 919.515.3375
CALS Career Services College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 107 Patterson Hall, 919.515.3249
Design Career Services College of Design 223 Brooks Hall, 919.515.8325
Management Career Services Poole College of Management 1133 Nelson Hall, 919.515.7174
Paper Science Career Services Dept. of Forest Biomaterials 2209 Biltmore Hall, 919.515.2888
Textiles Career Services The Wilson College of Textiles Office of Student and Career Services 1020 Main Campus Dr, 919.515.6640
Veterinary Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine A-252 Main Building, 919.515.2712