LAUNCH Professional Development Series

Sometimes the best career advice comes from another student. LAUNCH is a series of professional development and career readiness presentations in which fellow students share in-depth knowledge about career planning — from writing a remarkable resume to acing an interview.

Attend at least six LAUNCH sessions and you’ll receive a professional development certificate and a meal and t-shirt during our LAUNCH celebration.

LAUNCH Details

When: Mondays and Tuesdays at 5 p.m. (lasts 50 minutes)

Where: 4280 or 3222 Talley Student Union

Register: Go to the events tab (in the workshop area) in ePACK

Questions? Email Alex Ricciuti at

Upcoming presentations

  • Preparing for Career Fairs –
    Monday, January 22 in Talley 4280
    Tuesday, January 23 in Talley 3222
  • Preparing Resumes
    Monday, January 29 in Talley 4280
    Tuesday, January 30 in Talley 4280
  • Covering Cover Letters
    Monday, February 5 in Talley 3222
    Tuesday, February 6 in Talley 3222
  • Learning Linkedin
    Monday, February 12 in Talley 3222
    Tuesday, February 13 in Talley 4280
  • Creatively Searching for jobs and Internships via ePACK
    Monday, February 19 in Talley 3222
    Tuesday, February 20 in Talley 4280
  • Acing Interview
    Monday, February 26 in Talley 4280
    Tuesday, February 27 in Talley 4280
  • Career Tips and Tricks
    Monday, March 19 in Talley 4280
    Tuesday, March 20 in Talley 3222
  • Going to Grad School
    Monday, March 26 in Talley 3222
    Tuesday, March 27 in Talley 3222
  • Career Readiness
    Monday, April 2 in Talley 4280
    Tuesday, April 3 in Talley 3222
  • Networking on Linkedin
    Monday, April 9 in Talley 3222
    Tuesday, April 10 in Talley 3222



Why can’t I register for LAUNCH in ePACK?

If your profile is not complete, ePack will not allow you to register for or view events or jobs. Once you complete and save your profile, ePack can take up to 24 hours before acknowledging the change. After 24 hours, please log out and log back in, and retry registering for LAUNCH.

Are there any other ways to register for LAUNCH?

No, the only way to register is through ePACK.

Who can attend?

LAUNCH is strongly encouraged for all undergraduate students; however, if you’re a graduate student and interested in LAUNCH, please contact our office and schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

I missed a LAUNCH presentation. Can I find it online?

Yes — you can find a listing of recorded on our Video Tutorial page.

How do I become a career ambassador?

  • Attend LAUNCH sessions
  • Get to know career ambassadors
  • Get to know the CA coordinator
  • Nominate yourself so you get emailed when then application opens up

If a LAUNCH session is canceled due to unforeseen events, will it be rescheduled?

Yes — please see the LAUNCH page link, and scroll to the bottom of the list.

The weather is terrible. Is LAUNCH still being held today?

If there’s inclement weather, LAUNCH will follow NC State University policy, i.e., if classes are canceled, so is LAUNCH.

I signed up for Monday but can’t make it. Do I still need to sign up for Tuesday?

Yes. Each LAUNCH program is its own separate event. You need to sign up for each one individually.

The event is full. What should I do?

Please sign up for the waiting list instead of just showing up. This will help us prepare extra seating if needed and possible.